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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you about the new association of European Young Paediatricians (EURYPA) and invite you to meet us in Padua (Italy) on  1-3rd October 2015.

On 31st of January 2015 members of Young Paediatricians, a branch of the Turkish Paediatric Association (TPA) and the Italian Association of Paediatric Trainees (ONSP), gathered in TPA’s main office in Istanbul, with the support and endorsement of Prof. Fügen Cullu Cokugras, Prof. Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani and Prof. Mehmet Vural. First of all, participants presented the current situation of paediatric residency and post-residency in their countries. Following this first debate, they decided to work together, in order to build a team which could actively intervene on all that concerns communication, education and working conditions of paediatric and paediatricians throughout Europe.

Some of our goals are listed below:

  • To encourage Networking and Communication among pediatrics residents and specialists  (mailing group, Facebook group, free e-journals etc)
  • To facilitate homogenous paediatric education in all EPA/UNEPSA member countries
  • To promote online paediatric educational devices/sites (such as online forums and case presentations)
  • To work hand in hand with other specialties (such as ped. surgery, dermatology, psychiatry, radiology, ophthalmology etc.) and subspecialties and to organize interdisciplinary courses and symposiums
  • To pair one member of EURYPA with one of the EPA/UNEPSA Board in order to work more actively and efficiently in all EPA/UNESA projects, having a permanent section in the EPA/UNEPSA Newsletter
  • To organize meetings of the core groupevery 2months for the ongoing projects
  • To promote symposiums, congresses, winter-,summer- or subspecialty-schoolsevery 6-12 months for all the Young Paediatricians of Europe (Including “meet the expert” sessions, networking lunches with the professors and networking cocktails)
  • To give advice to our  colleagues about rotations/exchanges/research opportunities abroad
  • To facilitate congress and multicentric study participations (for example offering lower participation prices or grants and sending one or two representatives for all the ongoing EPA/UNEPSA projects)
  • To create a multinational database for scientific participations
  • To collaborate with UNICEF, WHO to improve Child Health Care and work on medical and social issues/campaigns as EPA/UNEPSA does

We would like to inform you about EURYPA and invite you in Padua (Italy) contextually at the 12th ONSP National Congress. One representative (the President or a delegate) of each association of European Paediatric Residents or Young Pediatricians will be hosted by the ONSP and will work together with the other representatives on the EURYPA project guidelines!

See you in Padua!

EURYPA - Founding Board

Pinar Urenden Elicin             Mine Ozdil

Omer Faruk Beser      Davide Vecchio    Salvatore Aversa






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